Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Less a parody of the early James Bond film than a parody of the films that parodied the early James Bond films, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery stars Mike Myers as Austin Powers, by day a hipster fashion photographer in mid-'60s swingin' London and by night a crime-fighting secret agent. Austin's wardrobe is pure Carnaby Street at its most outrageous, his vocabulary is crowded by the cool lingo of the day ("Groovy, baby! Yeah!!"), and he's irresistible to women, despite the fact that he can be charitably described as "stocky" and has teeth that strike fear into any practicing dentist. When his nemesis, the arch-enemy Dr. Evil (also played by Myers), has himself cryogenically frozen and sent into space, Powers also has himself put on ice so he can be thawed out when Dr. Evil returns. Come 1997, Dr. Evil returns to Earth and is back to his old tricks, so Austin is thawed out and returned to active service -- though he soon discovers his style doesn't play so well 30 years on. The supporting cast includes Elizabeth Hurley as Austin's sidekick, Vanessa Kensington; Michael York as his boss, Basil Exposition; Robert Wagner as Dr. Evil's assistant, Number Two; and Seth Green as Dr. Evil's troubled son, Scott Evil. Ming Tea, the swingin' pop band that periodically backs up Austin, includes real life pop-rockers Mat...

Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley, Robert Wagner, Michael York, Mindy Sterling, Seth Green

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Year: 1997
Running Time: 90 minutes
Genre: Film & Animation
Rating: PG13

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The marching band is the Riverside Community College Marching Tigers. They are wearing their own uniforms, which have since been retired.

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Each band member had sideburns individually applied for 1960's realism.

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When the car drives up, there is a double for Mimi Rogers. Only after Austin jumps into the car is she there.

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