The Bourne Identity
The Bourne Identity
The best-selling suspense novel by late author Robert Ludlum comes to the screen for a second time, following a 1988 made-for-TV movie. Matt Damon stars as Jason Bourne, a barely alive amnesiac with a pair of bullet wounds in his back, pulled from the Mediterranean by Italian fishermen. Bourne's only clue to his own identity is a bank account number etched on a capsule implanted in his body. He quickly finds the Zurich bank where money, a gun, and a few identification documents await, but after he's pursued by security goons at the American consulate, Bourne realizes he can trust no one and offers a German gypsy named Marie (Franka Potente) ten thousand dollars for a ride to Paris. Encountering more professional killers bent on his destruction, Bourne discovers that he possesses a surprising degree of skill in combat, martial arts, and linguistics -- handy talents that clearly indicate his past includes work as a spy and assassin, but for whom? With Marie's reluctant help, Bourne edges closer to the truth, something CIA officials want concealed at all costs. The Bourne Identity co-stars Chris Cooper, Clive Owen, Brian Cox, and Julia Stiles.

Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Clive Owen, Chris Cooper

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Year: 2002
Running Time: 119 minutes
Genre: Action
Rating: PG13

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TGV trains (in french: Train à Grande Vitesse, meaning high-speed train) were originally designed to be powered by gas turbines, but evolved into high-voltage electric trains. On April 3, 2007 a speed test for a TGV train set a record for the fastest wheeled train, reaching 357.2 mph (574.8 km/h).

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A photo of TGV No. 514 on the way to Lyon, France - October 5, 2004.

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Actor Brian Cox has played the "employer" of assassins in "The Long Kiss Goodnight" "X2".

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In the shot just before this, Jason has already taken his hand off the pad and has it at his side. Here, it appears that his hand is still on the pad.

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The gun in the box is a SIG Sauer SIG Pro SP2009 (9mm) pistol.

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Jason rubs his eyes with his fingers, but in a next shot, his fingers are touching his lips.

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Notice the police getting out of the car parked right behind them as the camera looks through the windshield and rear window. In a few moments, there's a wide shot of the car, with no police car behind them.

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In this shot, the smoke is thick and black and hides Jason from the Professor. But in the very next shot as Jason walks away from the house, the smoke is thin and mostly gone.

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This a Swiss Arms AG 'SG 550' assault rifle.

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Robert Ludlum, the author of the three "Bourne" novels, died on March,12 2001 - before this film was released.

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The red bank bag that Jason used to carry the passports and money is now clearly visible as a 'pot' for a hanging plant.

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