A pedal-to-the-metal race car determined to prove his worth on the tracks discovers that life isn't always about crossing the finish line first in Toy Story director John Lasseter's mechanically minded tale of friendship and loyalty. Lightning McQueen (voice of Owen Wilson) may be just a rookie, but he's convinced that he can realize his dream of zooming by the checkered flag if he can only make it to California in time to compete in the upcoming Piston Cup Championship. When Lightning takes a detour into the slow-moving, Route 66 town of Radiator Springs, however, it begins to appear as if his shot at the big time has effectively stalled out. Of course, Lightning's exciting cross-country trek wasn't all for naught, and after befriending such quirky Radiator Springs residents as Sally the Porsche (voice of Bonnie Hunt), Doc Hudson (voice of Paul Newman), and Mater the Tow Truck (voice of Larry the Cable Guy), the eager young racer learns that sometimes life is more about the voyage than the outcome of the race.

Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Bonnie Hunt, Larry the Cable Guy, Cheech Marin

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Year: 2006
Running Time: 116 minutes
Genre: Children & Family

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Disney bought Pixar in 2006.

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Pixar started in 1979 as part of Lucasfilm.

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"Real Gone" by Sheryl Crow on the Cars soundtrack.

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The name on the tires is LIGHTYEAR, rather than GOODYEAR. Lightyear is a play on the character Buzz Lightyear from Story Toy Story.

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Pay close attention to the reflections on the car - The animators made sure to show how the vibration of the engine causes the car body to vibrate.

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Pixar put the eyes in the windshield because they felt it would give more expression to the characters. It's also likely an homage to an early Disney cartoon about cars - Susie the Little Blue Coupe (1952).

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The "Piston Cup" is likely a play on NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series.

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The original title for "Cars" was "Route 66", since the story takes place in a fictional town on Route 66. But, Pixar decided that they didn't want any confusion with the 1960's TV series 66 Route 66

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Watch as "the wave" comes this way - it's actually the cars turning on their headlights!

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NOT a goof: The green arrow is pointing several feet away from the car. However, this is a common technology problem at real auto races. Here, the animators appear to have done it on purpose to make the shot more realistic.

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Chick Hicks' main sponsor is "HTB", which stands for "Hostile Takeover Bank".

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Realism: Notice when Lightning is spinning his back tires to get going, that the grass he's ripping up is not just green, but has yellow and blue in it - it's part of the logo that is painted on the grass.

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Notice that all of Chick Hicks' crew ALSO has dark grills in front, that appear to be "mustaches" - just like Chick has...

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"Actual results may take up to 36 weeks."

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Instead of moths flying around the light, these are Volkswagen "Bugs" (Beetles) with wings.

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Fillmore (the VW bus), voiced by George Carlin, has the license plate of "51237". This is George Carlin's birthday, May 12, 1937. Also notice that the license plate looks similar to George's goatee.

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Notice that this isn't the "Jay Leno Show", but the "Jay LIMO Show".

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The parking boot is on a FRONT tire, but Mater is going to tow Lighting from the back - which means would require the front tires to be free to roll. In the next scene when Lighting is in the courtroom, he still has the boot on - so HOW did Mater tow him?

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The mountains around Radiator Springs look like half-buried cars (similar to "Cadillac Ranch") and the front-ends of old cars.

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Intead of "ring bell for service" sign on the desk, it says "Honk for Service".

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The real "Route 66" was officially decommissioned in 1985, though much of it had been bypassed with the Interstate system years earlier.

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Flo's license plate frame says "Motorama 1957". General Motors ran the "Motorama" car show for about 12 years in the 1950's.

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