Stranger Than Fiction
Stranger Than Fiction
A socially isolated IRS agent whose every move is documented by a disembodied female voice discovers that his life is the subject of a book currently being written by a best-selling author, whose creative block has stunted her repeated efforts to kill him off, in a quirky fantasy comedy written by Hollywood hot property Zach Helm and directed by Finding Neverland's Marc Forester. Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) lives a life of solitude. Kay Eiffel (Emma Thompson) can't seem to find a way to finish her latest book. Though Harold and Kay have never actually met, their fates are about to become intertwined in a most unusual manner. With her publishers growing increasingly impatient with her apparent inability to put the finishing touches on her latest novel, Kay is assigned a new assistant whose task it is to help provide the creative push needed to get her book finished and into the hands of her many eager fans. The subject of Kay's novel is a lonely and despairing IRS agent named Harold Crick, who believes that his life has lost any real meaning. As Kay continues to weave Harold's woeful tale without realizing that her protagonist is actually a living human being unable to concentrate on his life and career due to the constant interference of the narrator who inexplicably seems to anticipate his every move and read his ever...

Will Ferrell, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Dustin Hoffman, Queen Latifah, Emma Thompson

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Year: 2006
Running Time: 113 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Rating: PG13

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Harold's watch is a Timex Men's Ironman Triathlon 42 Lap Combo Analog Digital Dress Watch.

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Miss Pascal (bakery owner): "I think, actually, I sent a letter to that effect with my return." - Harold Crick (tax auditor): "Would it be the letter that begins: 'Dear imperialist swine'"?

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Harold Crick: "I'm not exactly sure it was plot. I was hoping you'd say it was just a really bad coincidence." - Professor Hilbert: "Meeting an insurance agent the day your policy runs out is coincidence. Getting a letter from the Emperor saying that he's visiting is plot. Having your apartment eaten by a wrecking ball, is something else entirely."

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This window has the unmistakable design of a clock, or watch - a theme carried throughout the movie.

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Filming location: "Dave's condo" is located at the River City Condos, 800 South Wells, Chicago, IL 60607

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Professor Hilbert is reading I Is for Innocent by Sue Grafton.

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