Hell's Heroes - 1930 (featuring scenes of Bodie, CA)
These scenes are from the movie "Hell's Heroes" (1930) BEFORE the 2nd big fire in Bodie. This clip won't make any sense of the movie, as I've cut it down to JUST the Bodie scenes (or what could be Bodie). In the full movie they used some matt paintings to change the town. Take note of: -Many buildings that aren't in Bodie anymore -The US Hotel (burned down in 1932) -The firehouse on the left when the bad man crosses the street to the bank -The Hearse that is now in the Museum going full-speed do

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Clips from Hell's Heroes (1930) that feature Bodie, CA.

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James Cain's "Bodie Bank" (they call it the 'Bank of New Jerusalem').

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You can easily recognize the bell tower of the firehouse down the street on the left.

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The US Hotel (in the background) burned down in 1932.

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The Bodie hearse is rolling past here. The hearse is now on display in the museum in Bodie.

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Notice that the hearse has *5* plumes on top. Only 3 are on it now in the museum.

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It's hard to tell if this was shot inside the Methodist Church or not, but the arch on the wall matches photos extremely well. And although in Bodie right now there is a "frame" that once held the 10 Commandments, that "frame" is not on the wall here. However, the door to the back-right is also inside the real church. This very well could be Bodie's church.

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Notice the sign on the building across the street - it says "Cain & Sons".

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