New York Doll - Clip 1
New York Doll - Clip 1
Clip from the documentary NEW YORK DOLL. Official Selection - Sundance Film Festival 2005. Director: Greg Whiteley Cinematographer: Roderick A. Santiano Original Format/Camera: MiniDV/DVX-100A

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Genre: Film & Animation
The animations for this film were done by Seth Gordon who was also the co-editor/co-producer of the film. He has gone on to direct The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, Four Christmases, as well as episodes of Parks and Recreation, The Office, and Community.

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One of the most fun days I had on this whole shoot was being sent on my own to various parts of Manhattan to get shots of historical places to be used throughout the film. It was my first time alone in New York. I got to know the subway system pretty well.

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The cinematographer had never heard of The New York Dolls prior to working on the film.

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Sylvain Sylvain, New York Dolls

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The equipment seen behind Sylvain Sylvain had nothing to do with the actual band. This room was simply a vacant room in the rehearsal studio where the Dolls were rehearsing.

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This was one of the first interviews conducted in New York. It was shot in a narrow hallway the lead to the back exit. The director had this to say about the lighting: "This is exactly what I don't want." Appropriately, none of the subsequent interviews looked like this.

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The rehearsal room was not available to us to pre-light so what you see is what it looked like when we walked in. Point and shoot!

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Brian Koonin, keyboard

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Another vacant recording studio with someone else's drum kit adjacent to the actual rehearsal room the Dolls used.

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"I'm still lost." —Arthur "Killer" Kane This is one of the most quoted lines from the movie that I use... too frequently, sometimes.

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