NBA 2K11: Michael Jordan Trailer
NBA 2K11: Michael Jordan Trailer
This NBA 2K11 trailer shows Michael Jordan and his exciting comeback to the virtual court by highlighting the Jordan Challenge mode.

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The Shrug - Jordan scores 6 first half 3 pointers en route to a 122-89 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers.

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Double Nickel - Jordan scores 55 points in the Garden in an early comeback game, announcing to the world that he was indeed back.

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The Arrival - Jordan scores 63 points against the Boston Celtics causing Larry Bird to famously proclaim him as "God disguised as Michael Jordan".

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The Flu Game - Jordan battles the flu and manages to score 38 points, including a clutch 3 pointer at the end of the game, to lift the Bulls to victory against the Utah Jazz, 90-88.

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Michael's Last Dance - Jordan comes up with a key steal and sinks the game winning jumper in his final game as a Chicago Bull. This would be the final of 6 Bulls championships in the 90s.

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