Spokane Talks Online for 06/01/2016
Spokane Talks Online for 06/01/2016
Welcome to Spokane Talks Online! Today's guests are: Peyton Scheller from Visit Spokane (http://www.visitspokane.com) Tom Read from KTRW (http://www.ktrw.com) Ashley Cummins & Heywood Horn from McNeice-Wheeler (http://www.mcneicewheeler.com) Don Morgan of Independent Wealth Connections (http://www.independentwealthconnections.com) And Francine Branisel from SpokAnimal with a pet you can adopt! (http://www.spokanimal.org)

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Kent Adams, host of Spokane Talks Online.

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For more information, check out the flyer for the 6th ANNUAL NEIGHBOR DAY OPEN HOUSE AT HISTORIC FELTS FIELD SCHEDULED FOR JUNE 4, 2016.

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Like and Share the Millwood Farmers' Market on Facebook!

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Learn more about the Outdoor Movies at Riverfront Park.

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