The General
The General
When Union spies steal an engineer's beloved locomotive, he pursues it single handedly and straight through enemy lines.

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1927 - The General - Directed by Buster Keaton - Produced by Schenck - United Artists (Acquired through the courtesy of Harvard University Film Foundation)

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Trained as a 'frozen-faced" acrobat since childhood, Buster Keaton entered motion pictures in 1917. A distinguished critic has said: "In the mechanized world of today, he moves about like the inhabitant of another planet, gazing with a look of bewilderment at a nightmare reality."

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In this good-humored Civil War comedy, Keaton's co-star is a railroad engine. With its help he eventually triumphs, but his success is essentially that of a layman exposed to a world of experts.

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The Western and Atlantic Flyer speeding into Marietta, Ga., in the Spring of 1861.

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